Apache OpenWebBeans delivers an implementation of the Contexts and Dependency injection for Java EE (CDI) 1.0 Specification (JSR299).
OpenWebBeans is TCK compliant and works on Java SE 5 or later.

Apache OpenWebBeans is

  • Fast - we agressively use caches internally and deliver great performance
  • Modular - OpenWebBeans Core is purely JavaSE, additional EE functionality gets added via 'Modules'
  • Industry Proven - Many projects use OpenWebBeans in production.
  • Community Oriented - Please visit our mailing list and we will help you moving your project forward.


OpenWebBeans is packaged as modules which get activated by simply dropping them into the classpath.

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See the following examples which are part of the project to discover how to use OpenwebBeans.

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Latest News

Apache OpenWebBeans-1.2.0 has been released

The Apache OpenWebBeans Team is proud to announce the release of

Apache OpenWebBeans-1.2.0

Apache OpenWebBeans is an Apache License v2 licensed implementation of the JSR-299 "Context and Dependency Injection for Java EE" and JSR-330 "atinject" specifications. OpenWebBeans has a modular...

Welcome Romain Manni-Bucau as new OpenWebBeans PMC member

The Apache OpenWebBeans team is proud to announce that Romain Manni-Bucau has accepted the invitation to our Project Management Committee.

Romain has been contributing to OpenWebBeans for a few years and responsible for integrating OWB into Apache TomEE.

Welcome on...

News from OpenWebBeans-1.2.0

The Apache OpenWebBeans team has been quite busy with big refactorings. Big improvements have been made to the proxying mechanism, the Bean scanning and the AnnotatedType handling. We managed to improve the overall performance again and now deliver almost native...