Meecrowave Jolokia



Jolokia only

If is not setup (not there or inactive) the module will set up jolokia alone.

It will deploy the jolokia servlet on /jolokia/* or the property jolokia.web.mapping set on the Meecrowave.Builder.

don’t forget to secure this endpoint cause it let you access all the JMX MBeans. See Meecrowave core configuration for more details.

By default will be deployed and activated on /hawtio/ endpoint.

To activate it you need to add these dependencies:

we don’t need spring boot but we reuse spring boot module which packages web resources in a jar.

By default it will setup the security to use the Servlet security which means you can use meecrowave options:

./meecrowave-runner --users=admin=admin --roles=admin=admin

And log with admin/admin user.

Running HawtIO war

To run, the easiest is to setup jaas and run the war:

java \
    -jar meecrowave-runner.jar \
    -webapp hawtio-default-offline-1.4.67.war

This assumes you created a login.config:

karaf {
  org.apache.catalina.realm.JAASMemoryLoginModule required
the JAAS login module is named karaf because it is the default of (check io.hawt.web.AuthenticationFilter.init()).

And if you use - as in previous snippet - tomcat-users.xml you need to create an admin (role) user:

  <user username="admin" password="admin" role="hawtio" roles="admin" />
don’t try to use io.hawt.web.tomcat.TomcatUserDatabaseLoginContext of which does the same as JAASMemoryLoginModule excepted it doesn’t handle absolute paths which enforce you to use a catalina.base.

Using war you don’t need to run jolokia servlet by yourself, it is already done.