The Road to OpenWebBeans-2.0 (CDI-2.0)

The Apache OpenWebBeans team is currently working on implementing the CDI-2.0 (JSR-365) specification.

Please note that this specification is not yet finished but currently under development itself. So if you have a great idea how to improve the CDI specification itself simply let us know. Members of the OpenWebBeans team are also actively involved in the CDI Expert Group which is writing the specification.

Where to get the current version of the Specification

As the CDI specification is currently under development you need to build the latest version yourself.

The CDI specification is hosted at github

If you just like to get the source of the spec then install GIT and invoke the following command line:

git clone

If you like to actively contribute to the spec then please use the 'clone' button and follow the instructions on the page.

You should finally end with all the sources necessary to build the specification locally by typing:

mvn clean install

You finally end up with the spec PDF in


Where to get OpenWebBeans-2.0-alpha-x

The CDI-2.0 version of OpenWebBeans is currently developed in a feature branch.

svn co openwebbeans-2.0

You might eventually like to also tweak the CDI API itself. This package is maintained in the Apache Geronimo specs project (where we maintain all spec jars).

svn co
cd geronimo-jcdi_2.0_spec/
mvn clean install