Meecrowave and webapps

Meecrowave is a development enabler and simplifier thanks to its classpath deployment. However it is still a plain Apache Tomcat and you can deploy existing webapp you developed with no particular constraint.

From now on, we will assume you have a Servlet or Spring webapp myapp.war.

Deployment with a Meecrowave bundle

This part assumed you built a bundle with Meecrowave Maven Plugin. It gives you a zip which has a tomcat layout once exploded:

|- bin
|- conf
|- logs
`- lib

If you didn’t package a webapp at bundle time you can create a webapps folder in this layout and add your war inside. Then to launch this war you can either use a server.xml in conf and add as in any Tomcat your <Context /> in it or you can launch it directly using:

./bin/ run --webapp=webapps/myapp.war

Deployment with the runner

If you prefer to use the runner you can deploy a war with the following command:

java -jar meecrowave-core-runner.jar --webapp=webapps/myapp.war

Going further

You can find more information about deployment checking out the CLI documentation which presents all options of the several ways to launch Meecrowave.